SEO, Content Marketing & Digital PR

Country Manager (UK, USA, Australia) – SEO & Affiliate Marketing

Online Dating Comparison/Lead Generation – International (UK, USA, Australia, France & the Netherlands)

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Online dating is a highly competitive niche and most online dating sites fail to deliver what they promise., and are top online dating site review portals in the UK, Australia and United States respectively. Through carefully researched and optimized expert reviews, they receive high levels of organic traffic which generate revenue via affiliate deals with top players in the online dating industry.

***A diverse and challenging role that covered many aspects of digital marketing. As Country Manager, I drove both on-page and off-page SEO efforts to generate traffic and revenue for all three platforms. Digital PR and link building tactics were used to increase brand awareness. Our expertise was solidified by the annual research, writing and publication of industry studies.

In addition, I worked on other international projects for (Netherlands), (Germany) and (Austria).***

Skills: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Link-Building, Digital PR & Outreach, Content Management, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Translation (DE-EN), Project Management, Press Management, Brand Management, Web Development, HTML, CSS, Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing

Media Buying Strategy & Lead Generation

Content Strategist – Project Management & Technical SEO

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Insurance can be expensive. Whether it’s cover for your home, health insurance and yes – even funeral insurance! as a platform provides the best insurance, equity release and debt relief offers for UK residents through paid advertising of channels and networks such as Facebook, Taboola and other Native networks. In addition, it operates as a helpful resource for those who want a no-nonsense explanation of insurance – made easy!

***My role was to turn into a helpful content resource which also hosts paid landing pages to promote affiliate offers in finance, insurance, debt relief and more. This involved organic content development and fine-tuned technical search engine optimization. Brand awareness was spread through image and video content distributed alongside effective paid advertising campaigns.***

Skills: On-page SEO, Technical SEO, Project Management, Content Management, Brand Management, Lead Generation, Social Media Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Media Buying Strategy, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Media Buying Strategy, Performance Marketing, HTML, CSS, Video Conception, Video Editing, Graphic Design

Blogging & Social Media


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The Final Monsoon – [Remote] [Digital] [Nomad]

Digital nomadism is the fastest-growing lifestyle on the planet. Rapid developments in telecommunication technologies have also given risen to the phenomenon of remote working. The tech industry was the first to benefit from “telecommuting” but now it’s spreading to other industries, especially digital media and marketing. The Final Monsoon is a growing blog and resource for those who want to escape commutes and cubicles, whilst following a career they are passion about and living the lives they want.

***The Final Monsoon is a growing passion project. Drawing on my experience as a digital marketer and a copywriter, I continue to develop this growing platform and blog my own journey into the world of freelance writing, marketing and digital nomadism. Stay tuned for more!***