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Digital & Content Strategy, Performance or Copywriting?

The digital world is holistic and brands grow best when they have a dynamic online presence that engages audiences & communities.

Are you ready to kick-start your digital presence? Good, then…

“Relevant content, measured performance and killer copy are the three tools you need to get your digital inbound marketing efforts off the ground. Whether your brand is marketing to other businesses or consumers, these tools communicate your unique vision and bring in the results you need.”

Black smartphone, black notebook, gray pen & laptop on white desk. Liam Hennessy, Digital Strategist.

Content & Digital Strategy

Content is the lifeblood of the digital world. Copy, image & video placed on the right channel at the right time communicates your brand’s unique solution to customers. Tailored research creates an inbound marketing strategy that helps your brand to go.

I provide:

  • Content & Social Media Strategies for Digital Growth
  • Content & Social Media Evaluations for Brands
  • Content Analyses for Marketing Campaign Planning
Computer screen in board room with analytics presentation. Liam Hennessy, Digital Strategist

Performance Strategy

You can’t market without measuring!

Digital marketing campaigns feed off data and testing to improve performance. Website traffic & user behavior show your brand’s place in the market, and how to improve it.

I offer:

  • Full Digital Analysis: Paid, Social, Content & SEO
  • Performance Strategy for Short-Term Campaigns
Desk with laptop, smartphone, Edison lamp. Liam Hennessy, Digital Strategist

Copywriting & Editing

Boring copy is bad copy.

Your online presence should be dynamic and engaging. And the best way is to use killer copy that catches the eye. With the right voice and tone, your brand can reach more customers.

I provide:

  • Blog Posts, Product Pages, Landing Pages
  • Case Studies, Press Releases, Whitepapers
  • Advertising & Social Media
  • Websites, User Experience (UX) & Microcopy