White cup with "begin" written on it. Liam Hennessy, Digital Strategist

Understanding Microcopy – The Where & When

Microcopy isn't new. Apps, websites and other digital products have, however, increased its importance. Anyone who creates resources for users should understand what it is, where to use it and when to implement it. Source: Danielle Macines, Unsplash Imagine a website without words. Now, imagine navigating it. There are buttons. There are red crosses, green … Continue reading Understanding Microcopy – The Where & When

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Performance Copywriting – Writing for Conversion

Performance copywriting is all about driving conversions. Today, media buying channels offer a wealth of tools to optimize the copy we write for ads. Yet it is still important to note: the principles of copywriting have stayed the same. Source: Daria Nepriakhina Performance marketing is the term used to describe modern online advertising. Some may … Continue reading Performance Copywriting – Writing for Conversion