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Content as King? It’s Time to Act Like It

We know that Content is King. But how many of us actually practice what we preach? Source: Shirly Niv Marton, Unsplash A recent Google update made me think. It was a core update. Website traffic dropped across the board – significantly. Cue SEO panic, and marketers diving into the cogs and machinery to get their … Continue reading Content as King? It’s Time to Act Like It

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A Syllabus of (SEO) Errors – 4 Barriers to Search Engine Success in Business

Successful SEO is about more than just fixing your website and writing good content. And many businesses don't realize this. Source: Charles Forerun, Unsplash There’s no doubt that SEO is a key to growing your business. For business leaders, this is exciting. It means more revenue. And of course, that’s what business is about. Leaders … Continue reading A Syllabus of (SEO) Errors – 4 Barriers to Search Engine Success in Business

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The (In)Exact Science of Online Marketing

Marketers today have a wealth of data that their predecessors never had. And while it may provide more insight, is this data actually precise? Modern marketing has always made use of data. When the digital landscape started evolving, marketers gained access to more and more data. Today, we can build more accurate buyer personas than … Continue reading The (In)Exact Science of Online Marketing

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SEO & Brand – Partners in Crime?

Good SEO and good branding have something in common: They are built to last. After copywriting, SEO was the next step in my digital marketing journey. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, it was also my first introduction to brand awareness. Back then I had a “simple” project: optimize websites for online dating … Continue reading SEO & Brand – Partners in Crime?